Be Sure You Are Doing This On Your Martial Arts Business Marketing Website

No, “Not Lead Gen,” (I’ve talked about that a lot haven’t I?) although, most martial arts business websites are still very ill-equipped in that department it is sad!This is a little different, but ties in to lead gen.What you need to be doing is collecting your prospects’ mobile numbers.Seems simple right?But the truth is 90% (or more) of martial arts schools who are savvy enough with their internet marketing to get phone numbers of prospects aren’t collect mobile phone numbers.Why, do you want to collect this info?For 1… Most people do not change them.2- There is a trend toward getting rid of land-lines and only keeping the mobile. And while this practice is not something everyone is doing, when your prospect decides to “unplug” their landlines at least you’ll have it.3- Most important. It is just getting harder and harder to reach people on their land-lines.At least when you get a mobile you know you are connecting directly to the prospect.4- Although you need additional permission, collecting it is the first step toward marketing via text messages.You can’t leave it to chance. If you don’t specify most good prospects will not give it to you.But if you simply ask specifically for the mobile phone number they will give it you.Some of you reading this may say…”Sounds Good, but I can’t even collect names and email addresses on my site right now.”My answer… Online lead gen is an art and a science so if you need some help, just let me know.

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